BLMI conducts capability building program for MILF Potential Leaders

  • Tuesday, Jul 15 2014
  • Written by  Tirso S. Tahir

The Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) conducted a 3-day capability building program for members of the Committee on Information of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) coming from various provinces in Mindanao Region with the theme: Empowering Bangsamoro Potential Leaders and Communities”.

The program was held at the BLMI Training Center, Crossing Simuay, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao on July 11-23, 2014. 

The participants were heads or representatives of Provincial Committee on Information of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).  

Sheikh Mahmod S. Ahmad, BLMI Executive Director welcomed the 43 participants and reminded them on the importance of seeking knowledge, that work etiquettes and protocol are not strangers to Islam since  it is being practiced by Muslims  many centuries ago..

Prof. Esmael Abdula, BLMI Training Unit head and Mr. Arman Armada, Secretary, Committee on Information-MILF and BLMI Staff facilitated the program.
Dr. Tahata S. Guiamalon , the first speaker talked on Work Ethics based on International  norms and standard  so that participants may become aware of them especially when dealing and interacting with diplomats inside and outside of Mindanao Region. She told her audience that such etiquettes are equally important to the Bangsamoro leaders once the new region is established.
On the second day session, the participants engaged in sharing of respective views on the topics discussed the previous day. 

Mr. Cris  Yano, BTC Staff lectured on crucial aspects of Ideological, Political and Organizational (IPO) and its structure and mechanisms. He said that, the strength and weakness of certain organization is attributed to various factors found within its internal and external elements, Success and failure of such organization lies on its maneuverability of its operational policies. Consistency and flexibility in policy are two different things and one should know its specific parameter when things are put into application and must be always realistic when projecting the situation to the people as to avoid unfavorable consequential effect when things are not met.
Mr. Armada asked the participants to submit their annual report on advocacy activities conducted and major issues that arises in their respective province. 
Brother Gabra Abdurahman from Tawi-Tawi was tasked to wrap up the last day activity. He shared some knowledge he acquired in the duration of the program.  
Dr. Guiamalon , also lectured on information security ,protection and manner of handling of organizations  and programs without compromising the organization itself. Acquiring appropriate knowledge and knowing its application are pivotal in peace and state-building efforts, she said.
In the closing program, participants expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the speakers, BLMI Management, The Asia Foundation (TAF) and Australian Agency for International Development (Aus-Aid) for their support to the program.

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