“No reason not to be passed or not to be taken up to the point of voting on the BBL: Speaker Belmonte

  • Monday, Sep 07 2015
  • Written by  Arland Abubakkar , September 7, 2015

“Our version of the BBL, which is of course still subject to further amendments on the floor, has no reason not to be passed or not to be taken up to the point of voting on it. If I can bring it up to that point (voting), that’s what I’m after, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. told Radio Station DZBB Yesterday, September 6.

“The real problem is that time is running out because there so many who want to interpellate, which is their right, and it’s the right of the leadership of the House to terminate it (plenary deliberations) or to limit it if we have the numbers.” Speaker Belmonte, also said. 

Belmonte said the leadership of the House of Representatives has somewhat addressed the issue of quorum with plenary sessions chalking up “very good” attendance in recent days.

He said the chamber is expected to finish its committee deliberations on the proposed national budget in the next weeks and start plenary debates before the end of the month or early October so the BBL must be passed before that.

He said the Senate has also started deliberations on its version of the BBL but will start tackling the budget by November.

“The notion that you can get the Senate and the House to agree on a version before we concentrate on the budget is really becoming an impossible dream,” Belmonte said.

“But we still have to go at it to show that peace in Mindanao as exemplified by the BBL is our continuing concern and it will still get a big chunk of our time,” he said.

The BBL crafted by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) is based on the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) signed in 2012 and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) signed in 2014 between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front MILF).


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