BDA conducts Values Transformation Training in Balabagan

  • Tuesday, Dec 02 2014
  • Written by  Ms. Reham U. Bakar

Balabagan, Lanao Del Sur – A 3-day Seminar-Workshop on Values Transformation was held on November 25-27, 2014 at Barangay Purakan, Balabagan, Lanao Del Sur (Balabagan is within the Iranun Province in the MILF Political Setting). The said training was organized by Bangsamoro Development Agency’s Provincial Catalyst Ustadz Ahmad Hassan and his staff.

There were 317 women mostly from the Social Welfare Committee attended the program. 

Some members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) under Brigade Commander Zaldy and the Provincial Police Force were visible in the vicinity to secure the venue and environs. 

The program was coordinated with the local Philippine National Police (PNP) and the military headed by CPI Jay P. Napolean and Mark Pardo of the 6th Infantry Battalion, respectively who also joined in the program and attentively listened.

BDA Regional Management Office (RMO) Shiek Abdul Rasid Ambil confirmed the participants.

The program was opened with a Quranic reading by Ustadz Junaid Abbas followed by an inspiring message from Municipal Chairman Ben Mangigin who said: “This is truly a very remarkable occasion and part of a very crucial struggle that we Bangsamoro are envisioning for. 
A devoted woman who is prepared to correct a western-adopted system that is alien to the Bangsamoro must do it according to Islamic values and teachings, Chairman Mangigin further said.

He also said, “That ‘rido’ or clan feud is our enormous problem affecting our daily lives that we firmly believed that once Bangsamoro is in place, this problem can be resolved, in shaa Allah – so we must do what has been prescribed to us by Islam so that once and for all – we shall become a model for our children and the generations to come”.

He was followed by message of impressions from selected participants.

Abu Asma, Director of Iranun Provincial information Committee gave updates on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and other related issues. He began by quoting Malcom X or Hadji Malik Shabaz, a Black American Muslim Leader who once said:

“The future belongs to the people who prepared for it today”.
“This is preparation – remember an old Chinese proverb: “if you want to see the extent of civilization, see the woman” – and whenever, you see a woman who are wearing hijab, clothed like what you are today – no one can deny that these are Muslim women and that is what we want to see. Bangsamoro Women are respected in all aspects…

Aside from the latest updates on the BBL, Abu Asma also mentioned the November 25 Kuala Lumpur special meeting between the GPH and MILF Peace Panels that created the Coordinating Team for Transition (CT4T). The conversion of six (6) formerly MILF major camps into productive communities will not only benefit local folks but also members of the BIAF as well.

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